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Everyone has their own unique requirements for their lifestyle and we are here to assist. We can answer your questions quickly, thoroughly and professionally. By doing so, we aid in eliminating as much stress off your shoulders as possible, so that you and your family can move thru this transition as quickly and efficiently as possible while accomplishing your overall goal, a new beginning. Read More

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The Buying Process

You might be asking yourself how you find the Realtor that will do the best job for you and will take you thru the home buying process with ease.

A few points to consider as you begin this process of discovery.

You want to see a house when
you want to see it.

Your time is valuable and you have schedules and responsibilities that need to be keep to an orderly timeline. Believe it or not, Realtors get busy.  If a realtor cannot show you a home on your time line because of previous engagements, they will reschedule for a later time. Working with the Jack McCarthy team, this will not happen as we provide you with 3 of the top Realtors in Northeast Florida, one of whom is always available to show you properties. What this means to you, is that you will never lose out by putting in an offer a day too late! Our business, like our inventory is always dynamically changing and today’s listing could be tomorrow’s sale.

You need a Realtor with market knowledge.

As you begin to ask questions about schools, cost to build on the waterfront, neighborhoods or commuting time you will know whether you have an agent with market knowledge. The Jack McCarthy team has sold homes in every neighborhood in Ponte Vedra Beach and its surrounding area. Our knowledge base and certifications keep us involved with the current market inventory in new home communities, resales, short sales, foreclosures and for sale by owners.

You need a Realtor who can negotiate strongly on your behalf.

A key aspect of real estate transactions is the ability to negotiate well. To do so, a background in sales can assist a Realtor in negotiating successfully the purchase and the price on your behalf.

Jack McCarthy has a background in sales and has been representing buyers for the past twenty years. He has 17 yrs. of teaching sales and marketing with 7yrs. spent as a sales training director for the Central United States with GTE.

When you hire the Jack McCarthy team, we become your advocate. Our job is to get you what you want. In doing so, we will always tell you the truth. You will be provided the information you as a buyer will need to make an informed decision.

You want a Realtor who is pro-active.

The Jack McCarthy team consists of full time real estate professionals who have the staff, resources and market knowledge to find you the home you are looking for. We know the homes on the market that will sell quickly and we can identify those homes which may work for you. We act quickly so that you will not lose out on the home of your dreams.

We will create a strategy, consult and advise you and waste no time; yours or ours. The factor of time in real estate is of the essence. It can mean the difference between purchasing your dream home or driving around hoping to find the right house.

When it comes to something as important as the purchase of a home, full time real estate agents with experience, credentials and credibility will make the process of home buying a smooth and positive experience for you and your loved ones.

Today there are many ways to find a home on the Internet. Having lived and worked in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida as Realtors for 20 yrs. we believe we have built a website that will assist you in your real estate search. Our goal was to make it user friendly, easy to navigate and allow you to refine and save your searches. Please feel free to discover the advantages of our site and please know we welcome comments and suggestions.

Buying A home

When you are buying a new home you have 101 things on your mind and every detail is important. Having moved from New Jersey to Florida, to Texas and then again back to Florida, we understand the myriad emotions the experience of moving can bring about.

In 1995, we began searching and visiting Florida’s Northeast Coast. As with most people we were on a mission to find the very best place to enjoy living and raising a family. Like most, we too, began with a list:

For us, topping as #1 was schools. We wanted the best academic possibilities for our children.
We wanted a community where we could all make new friends. A child friendly community with bicycle trails, children’s activities, swimming pools and playfields.
We wanted an area with a low crime rate.
Recreational opportunities were also a big one for our family. We are a diverse group who enjoy playing tennis, golf, activities at the YMCA and walking the beach looking for shark’s teeth.
Access to cultural opportunities as well as close proximity to hospitals and airports made the list.

Everyone has their own unique requirements for their lifestyle and we are here to assist. We can answer your questions quickly, thoroughly and professionally. By doing so, we aid in eliminating as much stress off your shoulders as possible, so that you and your family can move thru this transition as quickly and efficiently as possible while accomplishing your overall goal, a new beginning.

We love Ponte Vedra Beach so much that we not only decided to make it our home but we decided to become full time real estate professionals. We enjoy helping others make their dreams come true and what a great lifestyle we have! The opportunity to live and work on this beautiful island is for us a dream come true! Discover what Ponte Vedra Beach has to offer and come join us!

With over 20 yrs. experience in the Ponte Vedra Beach market, our team is well prepared to help you in your selection of lifestyle, community and home. We have the pulse on the market, on each community and every neighborhood and school in Ponte Vedra Beach. We can and will find you your dream home. Every imaginable tool is at our disposal including having built up many relationships over time which gives us the opportunity of knowing what properties may soon be coming on the market.

If you are a relocation buyer, we also offer the services of assessing your top choices based upon your parameters and include this written presentation along with a in depth video on the home. Your time is valuable and we understand the complexities and the dynamics of the evaluation and decision making process that goes into the purchase of a new home.

In the current real estate market the importance of working with top Realtors cannot be stressed enough. Hiring a team of Realtors, known for their market knowledge, their service and professionalism can make a world of difference, not only to your bottom line but to your stress level.

We know the local market, we can tell you which properties are the best buys and which homes are overpriced. With our knowledge, we can assist you to find the homes that may result in a greater resale value which will result in saving you time and money.

Since we are a team, you can be assured that one of us will be available to accommodate your schedule. We work to afford our customers less stress and more ease thru this process.

Our team is comprised of our family. We all call this beautiful island home and our two children joined us in making real estate a family business. Our daughter Teresa Little has become our technology assistant having joined us five years ago. Marketing, advertising and social media skills on the Internet are necessary for today’s real estate needs. Her interest and knowledge in this area helps us to obtain demographics, market data and any other information beneficial to your interests.

Our son, Matthew McCarthy attended elementary, middle and high school in Ponte Vedra Beach.  A graduate from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, he has been a licensed Realtor since he was twenty and is now a Broker Associate. Having played golf since he was eight and having played it competitively as a junior, he certainly knows his way around the local golf courses. Therefore, if you are considering a home in or around one of our many first rate golf communities, you need to talk with Matthew. He can describe each course and hole down to its minute details and can match you up with the course and home that best suits your lifestyle and game.

Our family will treat you like family! We will negotiate fully on your behalf, keep you continually updated and become your advisors throughout and after the process of purchasing your home. Once in your home we will be delighted to introduce you to your neighbors via a “Welcome to the Neighborhood Party” for you, optional of course!

Our goal is to do such an amazing job for you that you will feel confident to refer your friends and family to the Jack McCarthy team.