Supply & Demand In Ponte Vedra Beach

Today’s post is a follow up to a something I touched on a month ago, timing. In a few of my blogs I have referred to real estate as a true supply and demand business. Our market, here in Ponte Vedra Beach is no different. Timing is extremely important; I have two recent examples below:

I listed a property on 11th Avenue South in Jacksonville Beach a few days before Christmas. I stressed to the sellers a sense of urgency to get the home on the market as soon as possible because the inventory was low and what was on the market was overpriced. I felt like placing the property on the market immediately with an attractive price would solicit a great offer from a serious buyer who understands prices in that area. Three days later we got a full price offer. I got the home under contract for more than the seller was looking to get and more than it was appraised for. Now it wasn’t all timing. I still believe the 3 keys to selling are price, marketing and staging. However, the timing was a big help.

I listed another property on 11th Avenue South in Jacksonville Beach a few days after I put the sale pending sign on the property down the street. The owners originally wanted to meet with me after the New Year about listing their home. Again, I stressed urgency and referenced what happened down the street. We listed the house New Years Eve day and again I got an offer within a week for more than what the sellers expected. Keep in mind both of these homes were priced, staged and marketed to sell.

As we close, you can see there are quite a few factors that go into selling a home. You need a realtor that will be honest and up front with you about what it will take to sell your property. You also need the right combination of price, staging and marketing. Contact me about giving your home the best chance to sell.