Smart Homes for the Millennial Generation

Smart Home for the Millennial Generation

According to an article in Florida Realtor, which is based on a national survey by Better Homes and Garden Real Estate, the Millennial generation prefers a “fixer-upper” home with minimal repairs needed over the luxury homes of their parents’ generation.  Forty – seven percent say that they would be more likely to handle home maintenance jobs themselves. This is not surprising since seventy – two percent of Millennials consider themselves handy.

Nor do they mind if a home is smaller as long as it is unique. The millennial generation is looking for a home that fits their lifestyle and is more customized. Fifty-six percent of the Millennial generation surveyed said that home technology capabilities are more important than a home with curb appeal. Sixty-four percent would not even consider a home that doesn’t have the latest technology capabilities and eighty-four percent say that technology is essential for their new home.

The most sought after home technology is an energy – efficient washer and dryer, security system and a smart thermostat.  The average cost of a smart home technology can vary in price from $2,000 to over $1 million dollars depending on a homeowner’s desires.