Pros and Cons of Home Staging

When it comes to matters of your home, the decisions are never easy. A house is more than just real estate. It is the place we live and therefore, is normally looked at from an emotional viewpoint. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, feelings are involved.

Home Staging offers a way to defuse some of the emotional land minds.  Sellers want to sell their home. However, it can be an upsetting process to learn the beautiful South Florida motif of your living room will not appeal to most buyers. Home Staging does not need to be drastic. Simply clearing away clutter and personal mementos can create a more spacious and appealing atmosphere. The goal of home staging is do more than make a person feel comfortable in a home; it is to let them imagine living there.

In today’s market where home values are diminished, home staging offers easy and affordable ways to add value to your property.  Sales of homes that are staged normally sell quicker and for a higher price than their un-staged counterparts.

Of course home staging can come with a price. Depending on the professional staging cost and upgrades, you may decide that the investment is not worth the return. Even if money is no object, rearranging furniture and living in a staged home may not feel comfortable or meet your daily needs. Homes that are priced right and in popular neighborhoods hardly spend any time on the market and often have multiple offers.

While it may be an older post, To Stage or Not to Stage?, has many key points that have not changed. As with all home buying and selling decisions, it is best to take your time, research, and talk to a knowledgeable real estate agent in your area before deciding on what is best for you.