Judging the house by the cover

Buyers all want that perfect house – and can see it in their mind’s eye. However, sometimes seeing it in reality can be difficult. Most people are not able to see the bones of a home. Instead they see what is presented: beige walls, a cluttered space, stained carpet, too much light, not enough, the list is endless. On the flip side, when viewing a vacant home the problem can be too much empty space and not enough warmth. Personal touches make us feel welcome.

Home staging is a great way to say buyers are welcome here! For great how to advice on staging your home, visit 30 Can’t Miss Home Staging Tips. Designed to Sell designer, Lisa LaPorta, wrote a wonderful article with quick and easy tips ranging from cleaning bathroom grout with bleach to how to update your kitchen.

My next blog will be on the Pros and Cons of Home Staging.  Have a wonderful weekend!