Impact of Smoking on Home Values

Today’s post has to do with something that affects the ability to sell your home in Ponte Vedra beach Florida. Smoking. A recent survey in Ontario of agents and brokers found that smoking in the home can lower the value of the property by up to 29 percent.

“Smoking has a profound impact on how appealing a home is to a prospective buyer,” says David Visentin “It stains walls and carpets, and leaves a smell that can be hard to eliminate. Many prospective buyers are really put off by homes that have been smoked in, and they can be very challenging to sell.”

44 percent of the realtors and brokers surveyed said smoking does affect the resale value of the home. From personal experience, it does. Whether you are smoking cigarettes or cigars in your home it does do damage that is difficult to fix. I was in a home that was owned by a cigar smoker and the damage was almost irreversible. He ripped the carpet up and had the walls and ceiling scrubbed with a water/bleach combo. It helped, but the smell was still noticeable. For non – smokers especially, that’s a deal breaker.

Long story short, if you have a front or rear porch/patio I recommend smoking out there or at a local cigar bar. It could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Here’s a link to the article.