Home Maintenance Tips for Floridians

With Spring in full swing, now is a perfect time to review some maintenance tips for your home.

Don’t neglect those small jobs such as cleaning out the gutters or caulking the exterior of the windows. It’s that ounce of prevention that will pay off in dividends when you go to sell your home.

One of the easiest improvements for home maintenance is to get consistent with the changing of your air filters. Put a reminder on your calendar or IPhone. Your ac will reward you with a longer life span and you will have better interior air quality.

Also for Floridians, now is the time to focus on landscaping before the weather becomes too hot and the weeds take over flowerbeds. Consider replacing or adding mulch. Not only is attractive, mulches like cedar, cypress or eucalyptus help to repel bugs while keeping your soil moist and weed free.

For the DIY, now is also a great time to tackle bigger projects like roof repairs, fixing the deck, or exterior painting. Such jobs are easier now that the days offer more light and are still cool enough to work outdoors for long periods of time.

As a Realtor, I can tell you that lovingly maintained homes have fewer issues with their inspections and repairs.  It simply staying on top of it!

For more tips, click this link provided by Realtor magazine,http://enews.realtor.org/a/tBRdprsB8f3M-B8x7cvAACVdvki/rmo6