2012 Sawmill Lakes Real Estate Review

Sawmill Lakes residents,

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope each and every one of you is off to a blessed 2013. I took some time to review the activity in Sawmill Lakes for 2012 and wanted to share it with you. Below is a breakdown to give you more information on your community. I hope you find it interesting and insightful!

2012 was a great year for Sawmill Lakes real estate. A healthy inventory of properties throughout the year produced 21 sales at an average price of $392,102. The average sold home in Sawmill had 2,939 square feet. One number to remember should be $133.74. That is the average price per square foot sold. For those of you trying to ballpark what your home is worth take that number and multiply it by your square footage (133.74 x 3,000sq ft = $401,220).

Homes in Sawmill Lakes sold at an average of 96% of their list price last year. To put that into perspective that’s slightly higher than Ponte Vedra Beach as a whole and slightly higher than Marsh Landing at 93%. That’s a great sign as it indicates that not only are most of the listing prices in line with the market but also that buyers are recognizing the value as well.

The last number I’ll share with you is 118, which was the average number of days a home was on the market in Sawmill Lakes before it sold. The average in Ponte Vedra Beach in 2012 was 138 days, another sign of a strong, active year in Sawmill Lakes.

After a strong finish to the year there are currently only 4 homes for sale in Sawmill Lakes. Of those 4, 3 have been on the market less than 90 days. The average list price of those homes is $379,575. Expect to see the number of listings to rise now that everyone is settled in after the holidays and new year.

I hope you found this market report informative. I look forward to meeting many of you in 2013. If you have any questions or would like any information it would be my pleasure to assist you.